MAPNA Group Launches New Mobility Division With Eye on Sustainable Development

MAPNA Group has announced the establishment of a new division, called “Mobility”, that will integrate its operations in the rail and electric vehicle sectors.

The new division aims to enhance organizational integration, synergy, and growth in the transportation business, especially in the areas of intra- and inter-city rail, bus, electric vehicle, and related industries.

The Mobility division will leverage MAPNA Group’s expertise and experience in engineering, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of various transportation systems and equipment. It will also focus on developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the transportation sector, such as electrification, automation, digitalization, and smart mobility.

The creation of the Mobility division reflects MAPNA Group’s commitment to fostering sustainable development on an international scale, while also prioritizing energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

MAPNA Group is one of the largest industrial groups in Iran, with over 70 subsidiaries and affiliates that operate in various fields of energy and infrastructure.

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