MAPNA’s Wagon Pars Signs 10-Year Deal to Export Wagons to Europe

Wagon Pars Company, a subsidiary of MAPNA Group, has inked a 10-year agreement with a Polish company to export wagons to Poland.
The deal was the result of a year-long negotiation with the Polish company, which is active in the metal and rail transportation industry. The wagons will be used in the Eastern European railway lines.
According to the deal, Wagon Pars will manufacture and export at least 100 wagons in the first year, 200 wagons in the second year, and 300 wagons from the third year onwards, after obtaining the necessary permits from the European Union Agency for Railways.
This is the first time that Wagon Pars, which has previously exported wagons to countries such as Bangladesh, China, Syria, Sudan and Cuba, has entered the European market.
The company has been focusing on expanding its target markets abroad and increasing its export products since it was acquired by MAPNA Group in 2020.
An overview of Wagon Pars
Spanning 354,000 square meters, Wagon Pars employs 1,250 individuals across different departments, including production units, office divisions, a warehouse, and the WPCO Cultural & Sports Institute. The company is connected to the national rail network through 33 kilometers of rail tracks. MAPNA Group officially acquired Wagon Pars in mid-December 2020.
Equipped with advanced technology, WPCO’s production lines manufacture a range of products, such as freight wagons, passenger cars, subway cars, trains, locomotives, and bogies.
In addition, WPCO collaborates with renowned brands like Alstom, Siemens, and Bombardier to produce heavy locomotives, passenger wagons, restaurant coaches, and generator wagons. The company has also manufactured wagons under the standards of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and other well-known brands. To date, Wagon Pars has exported over 2,000 wagons and bogies to countries like Cuba, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, and China, all of which are operational and have received high customer satisfaction.
Wagon Pars aims to expand its presence in global markets and prioritizes research and development to ensure innovation in production. The company is committed to delivering products tailored to meet customer needs and preferences.
Products offered by WPCO include freight and passenger locomotives, trainset wagons, subway cars, 6-and 4-passenger coupe wagons, passenger coaches, restaurant coaches, various freight wagons, bogies, and more.

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