MAPNA Group Holds Inaugural ICT Maturity Tour

MAPNA Turbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARTO) hosted IT and information systems specialists from various subsidiaries of MAPNA Group in the conglomerate’s inaugural “ICT Maturity Tour”.
The event, titled “MAPNA Group’s First ICT Maturity Tour,” marked the initiation of a groundbreaking knowledge-sharing initiative in the ICT sector across the entire conglomerate.
The primary objective of this tour was to disseminate valuable insights and experiences from companies that have previously excelled in assessing ICT maturity within the MAPNA Group.
The ICT maturity assessment model employed by the group encompasses nine layers, including business, stakeholders, process, application, data, processing infrastructure, communication infrastructure, support services, and physical security. Based on the assessment results, five companies were classified as mature, six as acceptable, and 13 as needing attention.
Throughout the tour, leading companies in the application, physical security, data, and communication infrastructure layers shared their insights and actions through dedicated panels.
PARTO Company notably excelled in the data layer, while PARTO and MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing Company (Boiler) secured top ranks in the application layer. At the physical security level, MAPNA Boiler and MAPNA Group (HQ) claimed top positions, and MAPNA Power Plant Construction and Development Company (MD-1) was recognized as the best company in the communication infrastructure layer.
Engineer Amini, head of the Quality and Systems Department at PARTO, extended a warm welcome to the guests at the ceremony’s outset.
He provided a brief history of ICT in the MAPNA Group and PARTO, emphasizing the importance of synergy among MAPNA Group subsidiaries.
Amini encouraged them to share their capabilities for mutual progress in maturity and excellence.
Meanwhile, Mr. Homan Shiraz, Head of MAPNA Group’s Systems and Information Department, shared insights into the results of six years of cooperation, part of which was showcased during the tour.
Recognizing the crucial role of information technology at the international level, he expressed hope for its continued prominence within MAPNA Group.
Shiraz urged active participation in discussions, knowledge-sharing forums, and technical collaborations to further enhance the conglomerate’s capabilities in this dynamic field.

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