Neyr Perse Wraps Up Engineering, Supply, and Implementation at Esfahan Oil Refinery

In a noteworthy achievement, Neyr Perse, in collaboration with MAPNA Group, has successfully concluded the execution of Package (C) as part of the Esfahan Oil Refinery Development Plan, attaining an impressive 96% physical progress.
Serving as the leader of the consortium, Neyr Perse has marked significant milestones throughout the project, notably with the construction and delivery of 64 strategic storage tanks, encompassing both cylindrical and spherical designs.
The project’s comprehensive scope included the successful completion of crucial engineering services and the supply of goods for utility and offsite units. This encompassed pivotal engineering and procurement (EP) activities within the LPG area.
Non-industrial structures were also meticulously constructed and delivered, signifying the culmination of all associated infrastructural elements.
To address the increasing electricity demands of the refinery, Neyr Perse, in alignment with the project client, negotiated and finalized an agreement. This paved the way for a signed contract in 2020, outlining the construction and delivery of four MGT-40 power plant units. Presently, three of these units have been successfully completed and delivered to the Esfahan Oil Refinery, thereby playing a crucial role in advancing the facility’s overarching development plans.

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