MAPNA Group Among Iran’s Top 10 Companies in Asset Value

MAPNA Group has secured its place among Iran’s top 10 companies in terms of asset value, according to the latest ranking by the Iran Industrial Management Institute (IMI).

The 26th edition of the IMI annual ranking conference (IMI-100) was held on January 22, 2024, at the Tehran-based IRIB International Conference Center, with the participation of top officials such as Industry, Mine and Trade Minister Abbas Aliabadi and Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ehsan Khandouzi.

The ranking, which evaluates the performance of Iran’s 500 largest companies based on various indicators, revealed that MAPNA Group ranked 8th in the highest added value index, 19th in the revenue index, 10th in the asset value index (up 9 places from the previous year), and 4th among multi-disciplinary companies.

MAPNA Group also achieved remarkable results in its subsidiaries, with MAPNA Renewable Energies Generation Company ranking first among energy group companies, and MAPNA’s Nasb Niroo ranking first in the fast growth index.

Other MAPNA subsidiaries that made it to the list of the second hundred companies in the sales index included MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TUGA) [134th], MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-2) [141st], Neyre Perse [168th], MAPNA Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-1) [181st].

Other MAPNA subsidiary companies that have been listed in the top 500 companies in terms of sales index include MAPNA Wagon Pars Company [215th], Alborz Turbine Power Plant Engineering and Support Company [321st], Sepahan MAPNA Equipment Engineering and Construction Company [323rd], MAPNA Sanandaj Power Generation Company [344th], MAPNA Tous Power Generation Company [382nd], MAPNA Genaveh Power Generation Company [384th], MAPNA Multimodal Transportation Company (MMT) [441st], and MAPNA Employees’ Investment Company [465th].

The ranking is according to the data of the fiscal year of March 21, 2022-March 20, 2023.

IMI-100 is a ranking of the top 100 Iranian companies based on different criteria including revenue and assets. It has been conducted by the Industrial Management Institute (IMI) every year since 1998, with the aim of providing transparent and useful information about the economic enterprises in the country. The ranking covers various sectors, such as manufacturing, services, insurance, investment, and banking. The ranking also evaluates other indicators, such as assets, liabilities, equity, profit, and productivity. IMI-100 is a source of data and insights for managers, policy makers, and researchers who want to have a better understanding of the scale, structure, and performance of the major industries and companies in Iran.

Companies’ assessments can show status of country’s development

Addressing the event, Aliabadi pointed to the need to change the country’s development strategy given the plenty of oil and gas resources and a high consumption rate.

“We can use the ranking of companies as a way to assess how well we are doing in terms of development,” he said.

He said that the focus should be on measuring the top companies based on their sustainability and export potential, as well as their responsibility.

“We also need to set up a monitoring center to evaluate the skills and innovations of each region and support the growth of businesses,” he said.

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