Towards Clean Transport with MAPNA AC Charging Stations

While the move towards electrification of the transportation fleet offers opportunities for ambitions pertaining to mobility, the economy, climate and environment, the realization of the green initiative entails providing the necessary grounds.

The rise of electric transport means there is a need for public charging stations, in particular for people who are unable to recharge at home or at work. 

MAPNA Group, as a leading industrial player, has been seeking to provide comprehensive solutions in this regard. The objective is to ensure that the charging infrastructure accommodates the development of electric transport in the country. This means making sure that adequate charging infrastructure is available so as to avoid hindering the rise in the number of electric vehicles.

MAPNA has recently offered one of its latest EV chargers, dubbed “MAP-AC-S1-Basic”, which comes with both Type-1 and Type-2 sockets and connectors.

Designed and developed at the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Development Center of MAPNA Electric & Control, Engineering & Manufacturing Company (MECO), the AC charger, despite DC versions, can run using single-phase electricity.

This feature lowers power consumption and charging costs, making the MAP-AC-S1-Basic a good fit for stations with a lot of charging points.


The MAP-AC-S1-Basic is available in 7.4kW and 22kW capacities. The special design of this product makes it perfect for use by fleets, workplaces, commercial plazas, parking garages, and residential building parking lots.

Being linked with the central server, the new charger allows users to observe and manage the charging process through mobile app or website.

The new product, which operates via a 223v single-phase grid, can provide a maximum current of 32 amps, lowering the charging time of a 100km battery to less than two hours.


MAPNA’s AC chargers are compliant with open charge point protocol (OCPP. 1.6), which provides 24/7 communication between EV charging stations and a central management system, for constant surveillance and troubleshooting.

Key features of MAP-AC-S1-Basic chargers:

  • Supporting Type 1 and Type 2 connectors
  • Output of 7.4kW and 22kW (scalable)
  • Access to the Internet via GSM, LAN and WiFi
  • OCCP 1.6 compliance
  • Remote updating
  • Accessible through the website and mobile application
  • Compliant with IEC61851-1 Standard

Please visit for more information or to order this product.

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