MAPNA’s PARS Secures Prestigious Recognition at the 37th Khwarizmi International Award

MAPNA Generator Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARS) has garnered esteemed recognition at the 37th Khwarizmi International Award, securing second place for its innovative project in “designing and manufacturing a 200 MW generator.”

The accolade, awarded in the electronics and computer engineering category, underscores the company’s commitment to technological advancement.

The award ceremony took place at the Tehran Summit Hall on February 27, 2024, where 20 laureates were celebrated across three festival sections.

Notably, the electronics and computer engineering category did not present a first-place winner, highlighting the rigorous standards of the competition.

The festival’s secretariat reported an impressive submission pool this year, with 1,405 entries, including 480 international designs from 47 countries. Following a thorough review process, 12 designs were shortlisted, including contributions from South Africa, Germany, Turkey, and Pakistan.

In addition to the main awards, the 25th Khwarizmi Youth Award recognized six individuals, and the 2nd Khwarizmi Innovation and Technology Award honored two recipients.

Named after the renowned 9th-century Iranian mathematician and astronomer, Abu Jafar Mohammad Ibn Mousa Khwarizmi, the Khwarizmi International Award is a testament to research excellence. Established in 1987 and initially exclusive to Iranian nationals, the award expanded its reach internationally from its fifth session.

The award aims to recognize the efforts and achievements of researchers, innovators, and inventors in advancing science and technology, and to promote scientific collaboration and exchange among nations. The award ceremony is usually held in February, and the award certificate is officially signed and presented by the President of Iran. The award is considered as the most prestigious scientific award in Iran and one of the most reputable awards in the region.

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