MAPNA Delivers Key Equipment for Isfahan Refinery Power Plant Project

In a significant advancement for the Isfahan Refinery power plant, Neyr Perse Company has completed the delivery of the third generator, marking a pivotal step in the project’s progress.

The generator, a product of MAPNA Generator Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARS), was transported to the Isfahan Oil Refinery for installation, signifying the fulfillment of equipment supply for the plant’s third unit.

The generator, a substantial piece of machinery exceeding 100 tons, embarked on its journey from the Pars Generator Company on January 1, 2024. It has now reached its destination, where it has been unloaded and installed at the Isfahan Refinery site

Designed and manufactured within the nation, the generator boasts a capacity of 45 megawatts. It is categorized as a medium-scale industrial generator with air-cooling features and is set to be integrated with an MGT40 turbine to facilitate electricity generation.

The Isfahan oil refinery’s power plant encompasses four units, collectively capable of producing 168 megawatts under ISO conditions.

The design and provision of the necessary equipment for this power plant is part of Neyr Perse’s commitment to the project.

Two units are already operational at the site and the fourth is slated for delivery as per the project timeline.

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