Fifth Boiler of South Pars Phase 14 Goes Online

Neyr Perse Company, MAPNA Group’s oil and gas subsidiary, launched the the fifth boiler of Unit 121 of South Pars phase 14 in early March 2024.

The boiler, which can produce 160 tons of steam per hour, was launched by MAPNA Group specialists before mid-winter to enhance the stability of gas production in the country.

After 72 hours of successful trial operation, the boiler was handed over to the temporary operator of the refinery for management.

The launch and delivery of the fifth boiler involved the completion of several activities, such as first firing, hot alkaline cleaning, passivation, steam blow out, and PSV hot setting.

The design of South Pars phase 14 includes six boilers of the same capacity, of which five have been commissioned and are in operation. The project was carried out with the collaboration of experts from Neyr Perse, Pars Oil and Gas Company, and MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing Company.

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