MAPNA Group Boosts Iran’s National Grid with 490 MWs

In a significant boost to Iran’s electricity supply, MAPNA Group has successfully introduced an additional 490 megawatts to the national grid in the last ten days of March 2024.

This increase comes with the commencement of operations at two major power plants: the Gol Gohar Sirjan in Kerman Province and the Isfahan II Combined Cycle Plant in Isfahan Province.

The Gol Gohar Sirjan power plant’s first unit of the second block, with a capacity of 183 megawatts, was connected to the grid at 4:37 AM on March 22 by MAPNA Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-1).

The plant, owned by Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company, features two gas units and one 180-MW steam unit, with most of its equipment developed indigenously by MAPNA Group.

The plant is situated at the 50th kilometer of the Sirjan-Shiraz road

Additionally, the second gas unit of the Isfahan II Combined Cycle Power Plant, with a capacity of 307 megawatts, was synchronized with the national grid at 0:37 AM local time on March 24.

This project, a collaboration between MAPNA Group subsidiaries, marks a new milestone for MAPNA in the construction and operation of Class F units.

The plant is owned by Mobarakeh Steel Company and its construction project encompasses engineering, equipment supply, and the installation of two gas units (307 MW each), two recovery boilers, and a gas unit (with a capacity of 300 MW) that will have a total nominal capacity of 914 megawatts under ISO conditions.

The project is noted for its stable energy supply, reduced environmental impact by cutting carbon emissions by 15%, and decreased water and gas usage for electricity production. The successful operation of these two plants, achieved through the continuous efforts of MAPNA Group and its partners, ensures a reliable electricity supply for the associated industries and addresses any previous shortages, especially during the summer peak season.

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