MAPNA Group Marks Nowruz with a Look Back at Achievements, a Roadmap for Growth

MAPNA Group recently held its Nowruz Convention, a lively event that marked the start of the new year. MAPNA Group President Mohammad Owliya was present, along with the company’s employees.

The gathering served as a platform to reflect on the notable milestones achieved in the previous year (March 2023-March 2024) and to deliberate on the refined strategies for the forthcoming year.

The convention was held on Saturday, April 6, 2024, in Tehran. Owliya, along with senior executives and representatives from various subsidiaries and divisions of the conglomerate, engaged in productive discussions. The ambiance was cordial and festive, brimming with New Year greetings and well wishes.

During the conference, they discussed the business environment and the prospects envisioned for the coming year, expressing hope for continued success.

Owliya took a moment to appreciate the efforts of all MAPNA personnel. He attributed the achievements of this industrial group to their hard work and dedication. The conference concluded with a review of the achievements, plans, and approaches for the year 1403 (March 2024-March 2025). 

Installing 2,500 MW inside, outside Iran 

Addressing the event, Owliya said that the conglomerate installed nearly 2,500 megawatts of power plant units both within and outside Iran in the past year.

MAPNA Group obtained final acceptance certificates (FAC) and provisional acceptance certificates (PAC) for a host of units with an aggregated capacity of 1,500 and 1,700 megawatts respectively.

He also pointed to some of the major achievements of the conglomerate in the power sector, including using home-grown products in Al-Mahdi Power Plant and concluding contracts in various business areas such as the establishment of Iran’s largest renewable power plant with Mobarakeh Steel Company.

In the oil and gas sector, MAPNA Group embarked on new projects and contracts such as Azadegan and the South Pars field pressure increase project, said Owliya, adding that the conglomerate also secured the highly significant Shourijeh project.

These projects and new products have contributed to the promotion of knowledge-based production and have had a significant impact on MAPNA’s role in the country’s development and growth, he stressed.

Owliya also touched on various topics including energy efficiency, water business, the financial and commercial sector, transportation, electrification, personnel welfare, and new markets.

In the realm of energy efficiency, the group will focus on reducing energy consumption, which includes an energy-oriented building plan and strategies related to the B2C market, he said.

Furthermore, Owliya mentioned 18 water projects, highlighting that important projects like the Lian and Bushehr desalination plants reached their nominal capacity by the end of last year.

Financial focal points 

Touching upon the focal points of MAPNA Group in the financial sector, he said that in the coming months, MAPNA Iranian Power Plant Management Group is planning an initial stock offering, he revealed. 

The conglomerate has also obtained a license to establish a financial-commercial services holding, he said, noting that new methods of debt collection have been adopted, and projects are being financed through the issuance of rial and foreign currency sukuk bonds. 


In the field of transportation and electrification, there is an emphasis on the development of new products, Owliya said. 

Implementing the contract that has been secured with Tehran Municipality for the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and selling portable and wall-mounted chargers in the B2C and B2B fields are among the focal points of the conglomerate in the electrification area, he added. 

MAPNA’s vision

Alireza Yazdizadeh, MAPNA Group Vice President, also addressed the event, pointing to the vision of the company for the years ahead. 

MAPNA Group’s vision for 1410 (March 2031-March 2032) is to concentrate on energy-centric activities and the development of advanced and emerging industries, while still strongly emphasizing MAPNA’s larger and more established businesses, he said.

Under this vision, MAPNA Group aims to establish itself as a globally recognized industrial group in its core businesses, he said, adding that the focus will be on increasing revenue, expanding effectively into export markets, and fostering the growth of new businesses.

The meeting concluded with a Q&A session where Owliya and Yazdizadeh addressed the queries of the attendees.

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