MAPNA’s MD-1 Obtains Certificates of Competency for EPC Projects in 3 Fields

MAPNA Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-1) has successfully renewed its Level-1 Certificate of Competency for EPC contracting in the power sector while achieving same certificate in Oil & Gas and Industrial Automation.

This milestone makes MD-1 the first subsidiary of MAPNA Group to hold the top EPC certificates across these three critical sectors simultaneously.

Furthermore, the company has a comprehensive portfolio of certificates for contracting. These span a variety of domains, including Level 1 in power, water, Oil & Gas, construction, buildings, facilities, and equipment. Additionally, the company holds Level 4 certifications in road and transportation, communication and information technology, as well as Level 5 in mining and land exploration.

The company also prides itself on its E consulting services qualifications within the energy sector. These encompass Level 1 certifications in power generation, distribution, transmission, renewable energy, power dispatching, telecommunications, and energy optimization. Moreover, it holds a Level 1 certification in oil and gas transmission line and a Level 3 in planning and economic services, further cementing MD-1’s expertise and competency in these areas.

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