Shurijeh D Gas Storage: Neyr Perse Advances Project with Completing 15 Well Sites

Neyr Perse Company has successfully completed the construction of 15 new well sites and their corresponding access roads for the Shurijeh D reservoir gas storage development project in northeast Iran.

The measure is a prelude to the installation of drilling rigs. Additionally, the development of seven more well sites is currently in progress.

Furthermore, the company has established gas dehydration units, each with a daily capacity of 10 million cubic meters, and has constructed flow pipelines, well facilities, and gas collection centers.

Moreover, it has developed gas input and output metering facilities and associated utilities.

Presently, the contract for the design and construction of manifolds and well facilities for 28 wells is in the procurement and construction phase.

In alignment with the developmental objectives for the gas field, the project initially required compressors to be sourced from international markets. However, with Neyr Perse’s support, three compressors have been produced domestically to fulfill the need.

This achievement has not only saved 25 million euros in potential foreign expenditure but has also positioned Iran as the first Middle Eastern nation to possess this technology.

To date, the drilling operations for 10 wells in Shurijeh D have been completed, and work on an additional two wells is underway.

In a proactive move, Neyr Perse has begun the construction of pipelines for early operational commencement, surpassing the approved schedule for the project. By utilizing domestic resources for a portion of the required flow pipelines, the company has thus far produced the first and second segments of flow pipes, totaling 2,520 tons or 38 kilometers in length, which are now ready for transportation.

The project’s client is Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company (IGEDC) and led by a consortium headed by Neyr Perse Company, another subsidiary of MAPNA Group.

MAPNA Drilling Company, a subsidiary of MAPNA Group, is carrying out the drilling operations. Due to the need to supply gas in the north and northeast of the country in the cold seasons of the year and the estimated sharp decline in production in the Mozdouran reservoir by 2025, the Iranian Oil Ministry instructed the development of storage facilities of Shurijeh D reservoir, which is the main feedstock supplier of Khangiran Refinery in Sarakhs Region of Khorasan Razavi Province.

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