TEHRAN, November 10 – The 15th IEE has provided MAPNA with an excellent venue to display the Group’s capabilities in strategic power industry and to promote relations with shareholders and international partners.
Participation of prominent domestic and international companies in the exhibition attracts thousands of interested public, including individuals active in energy generation and distribution, and turns the exhibition into a great hub for suppliers and consumers of the products and services in power sector of company.
Among the important themes of the exhibition are exchange of information on the latest cutting-edge technology in power sector, special focus on power plant redesigning, introduction of modern capabilities in using renewable energies, private power plant development, and grabbing opportunities in domestic and international power markets.
On the sidelines of the exhibition, expert panels will be held on topics such as ‘Challenges and Opportunities in Domestic Support of Power Industry,’ ‘Boosting Power Exports,’ ‘Reduction of Electricity Loss,’ ‘Business Opportunities in Power Industry,’ and ‘Challenges and Opportunities in Iraq Power Market.’
MAPNA Group, as one of the most important companies active in manufacturing facilities and equipment of power plant industry and a leading provider of operation, repair and maintenance services, has participated in the exhibition to introduce its capabilities, to improve its brand name, and to expand relations with shareholders and representatives of companies present in the exhibition. MAPNA pavilion in Persian Gulf Hall welcomes questions and suggestions by the visitors.
This year’s edition of Iran’s International Electricity Exhibition, which is underway at Tehran International Fairgrounds, is attended by representatives of 541 domestic and foreign companies including 200 foreign firms and 341 Iranian companies. The high figure of foreign attendance in this year’s exhibition stands in stark contrast to last year when only 110 foreign companies took part in the exhibition. Major countries that have sent their companies to Tehran’s electricity expo include South Korea, Turkey, China, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, the United States, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Slovenia, India, the Netherlands, and Finland.
International Electricity Exhibition is the greatest industrial event in Iran’s power sector; through regular events in recent years, the exhibition has brought together the most recent domestic and international companies specializing in power and electricity industry, giving them an opportunity to display to the interested public their achievements and products, and to design their future plans and innovations in light of the dominant trends of the supply and demand in the industry.

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