Deputy Minister of Power Houshang Falahatian visited MAPNA Booth on Wednesday January 13, 2016, during his tour of the 12th International Energy Expo (KISHENEX) in Kish Island, Persian Gulf.

Deputy Minister of Power Houshang Falahatian visited MAPNA Booth on Wednesday January 13, 2016, during his tour of the 12th International Energy Expo (KISHENEX) in Kish Island, Persian Gulf.

Falahatian, who serves as Deputy Minister in Electricity and Energy Affairs, expressed hope that Iranian industrial companies experience increasing growth during his meeting with MAPNA representatives in KISHENEX.

Falahatian addressed the Iranian power industry’s readiness to cooperate with international companies after the nuclear agreement.

Deputy Power Minister also spoke of the ministry’s future plans. Construction of combined cycle power plants with a sixty percent plus efficiency, construction of new sections in thermal power plants, replacement and renovation of older power plants, and development of renewable energy power plants were some of the solutions recounted by Falahatian, aimed to meet Iran’s need for another 5000 megawatts of power in near future.

Falahatian also pointed to the Power Ministry’s target to outsource power generation operations to the private sector. “The government’s share in this area will drop to 20 percent,” he said.


Commercial Oil & Gas Deputy at MAPNA Group Nasser Marashi also laid out the company’s plans in the oil & gas sector on the sidelines of the exhibition. “MAPNA is keenly expanding its activities in the oil industry through participation in upstream and downstream fields beside design and manufacturing of key rotating equipment” Marashi said, pointing to the company’s active presence in South Pars projects.

South Pars is the world’s largest gas field shared between Iran and Qatar.

Marashi also pointed to MAPNA’S participation in upstream projects including drilling operations and technical services. “MAPNA Group has also started manufacturing of key equipment including industrial turbo-compressors,” he said.

The 12th International Energy Exhibition (KISHENEX) was held in the Persian Gulf island of Kish on 11-14 January 2016. The exhibition aimed to promote investment, encourage competition between domestic and international companies and enhance production quality. MAPNA participated in the exhibition in an effort to display its latest achievements.

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