MAPNA Turbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARTO)

MAPNA Turbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARTO) is focused on engineering, manufacturing, and procuring blades and vanes for turbines, particularly in power and oil & gas sector.
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Address: Km 7 Malard Road, Mapna Boulevard, Karaj, I.R.IRAN

PARTO was established in 2000 with the objective of engineering, manufacturing, and procuring industrial and power plant blades and vanes for gas turbines and since then, it has delivered more than one hundred thousand of its products to clients.

The company began its work through engineering to manufacture MGT70 (V94.2) turbine blade under license of Siemens and held on to manufacturing GE-F9 turbine blade which afterwards led to manufacture of industrial and power plant turbines blades and vanes, promoting blades and other parts of turbine.

Enjoying all required processes to manufacture hot parts including casting, machining, and coating within a single complex has turned PARTO into a leading company in this field.

The company is furnished with the state-of-the-art and advanced equipment in its manufacturing shops and enjoys high engineering and manufacturing capabilities. It also boasts fully equipped laboratories for NDT and DT tests.

PARTO currently produces 14 different types of turbine blades and accessories. These blades weigh between 3 to 12 kilograms made of nickel and cobalt alloys. The nominal production capacity of PARTO is 14 thousand pieces of blades per year.

PARTO employs Investment Casting in the manufacture of blades. Investment casting includes mechanized ceramic molding line, air and blast melting furnaces, mechanized transport systems and advanced processing and quality control systems.

Machining is also carried out at PARTO using advanced devices and equipment. These operations include STEM punching, CFG blasting, EDM spark and milling. Blades are ultimately covered with a chrome coating.

What we manufacture

  • MGT70 turbine fixed and rotating blades rows one to four
  • GEF9 turbine fixed and rotating blades rows one to three
  • MGT30 turbine fixed and rotating blades
  • GT13E2 turbine fixed and rotating blades
  • SGT400 turbine fixed and rotating blades
  • H25 turbine fixed and rotating blades
  • M701D turbine fixed and rotating blades
  • SGT800 turbine first row moving blades
  • GEF6 turbine fixed blades rows one to three
  • GEF5 turbine first row blades
  • GEF6 turbine first row blades
  • GEF9 turbine upgraded blades
  • MGT70 turbine upgraded blades

Services we undertake

  • Manufacturing ceramic core blades
  • Analyzing remaining lifetime of gas turbine hot path components
  • Power Plant accident analysis (hot section)
  • Fractography
  • Coating, machining, and casting according to client’s needs
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