diesel-electric locomotive control system

diesel-electric locomotive control system

The control system of diesel-electric locomotives consists of two main parts: CCU (central control unit), which is responsible for integration and managing of all control signals related to locomotive’s modules, and TCU (traction control unit) which acts as a controller of the locomotive’s propulsion system. MLC’s locomotive control systems enjoy several benefits, including low cost compared to the similar products; compatibility with railway’s standards, implementation of up-to-date algorithms of control system, fail-safe performance in whole layers; compatibility and optimization of hardware and software based on different requirements; availability of testing devices for any modification, reliability features for any suitable integration; capability of saving and monitoring of all control system’s parameters, independency of the whole system for using each device and equipment. MAP24 Locomotive’s control system has been fully designed and developed by MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MLC).

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