freight wagon

freight wagon


Because of the wide range of items transported by the rail sector, the design and construction of freight wagons vary in technical characteristics. MLC has developed the expertise to produce a wide range of freight wagons based on customer requirements. The company’s two-axel flat wagons, for example, can transport a 40-cubic-foot container and two 20-cubic-foot containers.

The acquisition of Wagon Pars Company (WPCO) by MAPNA in late 2020 has helped the Group move toward a more robust supply chain of recognized domestic and international vendors. Established in 1974, Wagon Pars is the largest manufacturer of rail fleet, including freight and passenger wagons, locomotives, train sets, subway cars and bogies, in Iran and the Middle East. The company has manufactured a variety of wagons under the standards of International Union of Railways (UIC) as well as other well-known brands. So far, Wagon Pars has exported over 2,000 wagons and bogies to the international markets.

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