High Power Electric Engine

High Power Electric Engine

The Mapna Group’s power equipment provision unit has taken measures to design and manufacture high power electro engines (with a frame size of 400 to 1,120). The basic designing of different frames was carried out in the above-mentioned range and the detailed designing of 745 and 900 KW models are finished.


The achievements of these projects are as follows:


  • the ability of numerical analysis of electro engines using the FEM software;
  • the expansion of Mapna’s product diversity and responding to the market needs of oil and gas, petrochemical and cement industries;
  • the ability to use technical knowledge and acquired information in the production of other rotary products such as generators, traction engines and electro engines with variable rotation speeds; and,
  • gaining the necessary knowledge for designing and manufacturing electro-engines with a frame size of 400 to 1120 and with a capacity of 710 to 18,000 KW in hazardous and safe areas.

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