Ardestan Combined Cycle Power Plant (Isfahan II)

Project Specifications

Isfahan II Combined Cycle Power Plant consists of two V94.2 (version 5) gas units each with a capacity of 162 MW and one steam turbine unit with a capacity of 160 MW (total capacity of 484 MW) at ISO conditions.

The power plant is located 5 km from Zavareh on the road to Mashad. The power plant’s station has a capacity of 230 kV and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) affairs are within the responsibilities of MAPNA MD-1 Company.

Persian Foulad (Steel) Company is the project client, Ghods Niroo Consulting Engineers Company is the client consultant and a consortium comprising MAPNA Group, MAPNA International Company, and MAPNA MD-1 Company led by MAPNA MD-1 Company is the main contractor.

Construction operations of Isfahan II Combined Cycle Power Plant stared on 10 January 2008 and its first unit was synchronized and commissioned on 9 June 2011. The gas units of the power plant have provisionally been handed over to the client

Project: Isfahan II Combined Cycle Power Plant

Contract Type: EPC

Location: Ardestan, Isfahan Province

Client: Persian Foulad Company

Project Type: Engineering & Construction

Capacity: 484 MW

Units Configuration: (162 x 2) + (160 x 1)

Status: Commissioned


Project Image

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