Urmia Gas Power Plant

Project Specifications

Urmia Gas Power Plant consists of four gas units with a capacity of 157.5 MW each (630 MW in total). To build the plant V94.2 gas turbines have been used and so far all the units of the power plant have been synchronized.

Urmia Gas Power Plant is located 30 km from Urmia on the road to Mahabad. The project client is Iran Power Development Company (IPDC), the client consultant is Ghods Niroo Consulting Engineers Company and the main contractors are MAPNA DM-1 and DM-2 companies. The capacity of the substation of this power plant is 230 kW. The engineering, procurement and construction of the plant are within the authority of the project client.

Also, the required fuel of Urmia Gas Power Plant is gas and gasoil: gas is the main fuel and gasoil is the substitute. The construction operations of Urmia Power Plant have been completed in two stages. In the first phase two gas units of the power plant were constructed and put into operation and in the second phase two other units were added to the power plant as part of the development plan. Construction operations of the first phase of Urmia Power Plant started on 2 November 2004. Two units of this phase were synchronized in 2006. Meanwhile, construction operations of the development phase of Urmia Gas Power Plant started in 2008 and two units of this phase were synchronized in 2010.

Project: Urmia Gas Power Plant

Contract Type: EPC

Location: Urmia-Mahabad Road, West Azarbaijan Province

Client: Iran Power Development Company (IPDC)

Project Type: Engineering & Construction

Capacity: 630 MW

Units Configuration: 157.5 x 4

Status: Commissioned



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