Tehran-mashhad Railway Electrification Project

Project Specifications

Tehran-Mashhad, the most frequented railway line of Iran and one of the few double-track lines of the country, with 926Km of length and 50 stations starts from Tehran, and ends in Mashhad in northeastern of Iran after passing through the major cities of Garmsar, Semnan, Damghan, Shahroud, and Neishabour. Currently, the highest possible speed on this route is 160 Km/h which will be increased to 200 km/h after the electrification project is completed. Based on predictions, the railway will carry annually 33 million passengers and 10 million tons of freight by 2032. This load of passenger and freight will put the Tehran-Mashhad railway into the list of top ten most commuted railway lines in the world.
The project will be carried out in two parts along Tehran-Mashhad railway and the contract is of EPC+F type.
The first portion :
of the project aims for electrification of the railway line, procurement of locomotives and machinery, and engineering services to integrate project divisions.

  • Design, procurement, and installation of overhead contact line (OCS) for Tehran-Mashhad double track and Tehran-Garmsar quad-track railway line (overall length: 2300 kilometers);
  • Supplying electricity, branching from national power grid and power supply for the electrification;
  • Design and erection of SCADA & construction of dispatching and SCADA centers;
  • Procurement of 70 electric locomotive units (passenger & freight);
  • Maintenance and services

The second portion
of the project mainly focused on civil jobs including upgrading and rehabilitation of the existing track to increase running speed, construction and development of stations, procurement of passenger rolling stock and maintenance machinery for infrastructure.
The portion includes:

  • Construction and development of stations (lines, platform, buildings),
  • Construction and development of locomotive and wagon maintenance depots,
  • Optimization of lines and structures (embankment, superstructure, bridges, overpass…)
  • Procurement of fleet and machinery (including passenger rolling stock, maintenance and repair machinery, and rehabilitation of railway and structures)

تماس با مپنا

در صورتی که به اطلاعات بیشتری درباره گروه مپنا نیاز دارید، و یا برای شرکت یا سازمان خود نیازمند راه‌حل یا محصولی هستید، می‌توانید با ما تماس بگیرید.

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