Hengam F-Class Power Plant

Project Specifications

Hengam F-Class Power Plant is located 20 km from Bandar Abbas on the road to Shahid Raja’ei Port, adjacent to Bandar Abbas Steam Power Plant. The power plant comprises two gas-fired units equipped with MAPNA’s F-Class turbines with a capacity of 307 MWs at ISO conditions, two gas recovery boilers, a 292-MW steam unit, and an air-cooling system.

The eco-friendly project comes in line with an agreement between the Thermal Power Plants Holding Company, a subsidiary of Power Ministry, and MAPNA Group to improve efficiency and reduce electricity waste.  The agreement stipulates the construction of 5,000 MW of thermal power plants by 2024, using F-class gas turbines made inside the country.

Hengam Power Plant is the first among eight projects to have become operational.  The client consultant is Ghods Niroo Consultant Engineers Company.

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