Major Repairs and Renovation of Tehran Metro Line 5

Project specifications

The implementation phase of the project to repair and renovate Tehran Metro Line 5 began with the installation of overhead power grid masts in Mehrshahr, Karaj. This project, initiated by a contract between Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Company and the MAPNA Railway Construction and Development Company, involves digging to a depth of 3.5 meters, stabilization of the dug areas and removing any underground water from them, reinforcement and concreting, and installation of the first set of masts for the OCS overhead power networks of lines 14, 15, and 16 at Mehrshahr terminal.

This project will be carried out in multiple phases, including major repairs and renovation of the entire 50 km long overhead power network of Tehran Metro’s line 5, construction of the overhead network and electrification of lines 14, 15, and 16 at the Mehrshahr terminal, and provision of spare parts.

The project includes the supply and installation of contact and messenger wires, fittings and related equipment, indigenization of fittings and improving the efficiency of some parts, and collection and documentation of technical data sheet of parts as well as controlling the stages of production of parts and their molds. The project aims to increase the capacity of Mehrshahr depot through the installation of an overhead network for the three mentioned lines and reduce the headway in Line 5 given the inauguration of the expanded line to Hashtgerd (which sits some 50 km west of Karaj). This project marks the first experience of the MAPNA Railway Construction and Development Company in reconstructing an active railway.

The scope of this project includes preparing documents and plans for the construction of overhead power grid equipment, designing and constructing the overhead power grid in Mehrshahr depot, supplying the necessary materials and equipment for the overhaul and renovation of the 50 km overhead power grid of Line 5 (including the main line and shunting lines). It also includes the design and construction of OCS overhead power networks of lines 14, 15, and 16 of Mehrshahr Terminal and indigenizing the OCS equipment. The client for this project is Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Company, and the contract is set for 3 years.

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