Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant Project, with a nominal capacity of 500MW, comprises two MGT70(2) gas turbines, two thermal recovery boilers and a E-Class steam turbine in ISO condition, all manufactured in MAPNA factories.

The project also includes a water desalination plant via MED method with a capacity of 8,000 cubic meters per day; however, the plant will have much higher capacity for the future addition of a 100,000 cubic meters per day of processed water via reverse osmosis (RO). The gas-fired units of the power plant are currently in operation and the catchment, steam unit and water desalination units are under construction.
MAPNA Special Projects Construction & Development Company (MD-3) is the executor of the project under an EPC scheme. The client of the project is Energy Gostar Qeshm Company, a joint venture between MAPNA Group and Ghadir Electricity and Energy Investment Company.

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