Yazd Combined Cycle Power Plant (Farab)

Project Specifications

Yazd Combined Cycle Power Plant (Farab) comprises two gas turbines, each with a capacity of 162 MW and a steam turbine unit with a capacity of 160 MW. The total capacity of the power plant is 484 MW and so far all units of the power plant have been synchronized.

The power plant is located on the Alloy Steel Special Road, near Yazd city. V94.2 gas turbines and E Type (E30-16-1-1×6.3) steam turbines have been used in this project.

Farab Company is the client, Sanir-Ameran OfoghCompany is the client consultant and MAPNA MD-2 Company is the contractor. MAPNA Group is also responsible for designing the Basic documents, the EP of the power block section, the EPC of the cooling section, general engineering services of the entire plant and supervision over commissioning of the project.

The contract on construction of Farab Combined Cycle Power Plant was signed on 22 December 2009 and the first gas unit of the plant was synchronized on 24 February 2013. The second gas unit was synchronized on 3 March 2013 and the only gas (???) unit of the power plant was synchronized on 16 February 2014.

Project: Yazd Combined Cycle Power Plant (Farab)

Contract Type: EPC

Location: Yazd, Yazd Province

Client: Farab Company

Project Type: Engineering & Construction

Capacity: 484 MW

Units Configuration: (162 x 2) + (160 x1)

Status: Commissioned

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