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Knowledge-based infrastructure is required for the country’s industrial development. Strengthening these infrastructures, which are based on current technology, can provide answers to many of the concerns that industrialists face, as well as solutions to industrial problems that affect people’s lives. Localization is one of the key solutions to address such challenges. Localization of industry helps craftsmen to solve problems more rapidly and at a reduced cost, as well as build new facilities in the country. MAPNA Group also prioritizes industrial localization in its activities and is working hard to achieve this goal in a variety of industries, including railways.

Iran Safir Locomotive Localization

In 2007, MAPNA Group gained its first valuable rail transportation expertise when it transferred technology and manufactured 150 advanced Iran Safir diesel-electric locomotives (under license of Siemens). The Group’s next move was the acquisition of the technical know-how to manufacture brake systems for Iran Safir locomotives inside the country.

Alstom Locomotive Engine Localization

Breakdowns and repair and maintenance of engines are among the main challenges facing MLC regarding Alstom locomotive. The MAPNA Group plans to develop a similar engine model with maximum localization first, then test and evaluate its performance before making enhancements and alterations to the ventilation, refueling, and cooling circuits. Development of such engine will help commissioning both Alstom locomotives and MAPNA’s own MAP30 locomotives.

Localization of Subway Train Propulsion and Control System

With MAPNA Group’s policy to enter subway cars market, the production of a subway control and propulsion system can be very important and strategic and economically profitable. Currently, many subway cars in Iran use the Bombardier 300 system. Manufacturing modules inspired by similar electrical and mechanical interfaces reduces the possibility of errors and the time to reach the desired result. On the other hand, the possibility of supplying spare parts for existing wagons can be a lucrative market in addition to selling wagons. The design and manufacture of the systems and modules will be such that they can be installed on the 8-wagon and 7-wagon trains.

Localization of Freight Locomotive Traction Engines and Generators

Refurbishing and overhaul of all types of freight/passenger wagons and locomotives entails localization of major parts, such as main generator and traction engine. MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MLC) has started the localization of these equipment in collaboration with local companies. In addition to returning Alstom locomotives to the rail tracks and fulfilling their maintenance needs, this project will help to mass produce locomotive traction engines and generators.

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