President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama will visit MAPNA Group on Monday, February 15, 2016.

Dramani Mahama, who is on a two-day visit to Iran, will take a tour of Iran’s leading energy company’s factories tomorrow.

The Ghanaian President arrived in Tehran last night and was officially received by President Hassan Rouhani in Sa’dabad Palace this morning. A high-ranking delegation, including ministers of Foreign Affairs, Energy and Petroleum, Finance and Economic Planning, and Lands and Natural Resources accompany the president of Ghana in this visit.

This is the first visit by a president of the West African republic to Iran since the 1979 Revolution. It is also the first visit by an acting president to MAPNA which attests the company’s brand credibility.

Ghana Foreign Minister Hanna Tetteh had also visited MAPNA factories during her visit to Iran on August 2015 and discussed opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

Iran’s industrial capacities, unparalleled in the Middle East, have attracted attention of international economic observers and investors in the recent months. MAPNA has been host to several senior foreign delegations during the last year, the most recent of which was South African Deputy President Cyril Raphamosa and his team of industrial and business figures.

The visit will be an opportunity for both Ghana, a developing economy with increasing energy needs, and MAPNA, Iran’s leading private energy company who has commissioned nearly half of the 70 thousand megawatt capacity of the national grid.

With removal of sanctions against Iran following the July 2015 nuclear agreement MAPNA is poised to further expand its business overseas. The company is already working on the Rumaila power plant megaproject in Najaf, Iraq, which upon delivery will add 3000 MW to the energy-hungry southern Iraq’s power capacity.

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