MAPNA Group Establishes ‘Power Unit’ to Integrate Its Power-Related Business

MAPNA Group, a leading Iranian company in the electricity industry, has announced the creation of a new section called “Power Unit”. 

The Power Unit aims to enhance MAPNA Group’s interaction, agility, and coordination in its power-related businesses.

The unit will consolidate and transfer all the activities of the current Power Division, power plant service sector, and electricity and water investment projects, starting from Saturday, October 7, 2023.

The Power Unit will have three subcategories, namely “Power Plant Development”, “Power Plant Services”, and “Power Plant Ownership”.

They will work together to manage MAPNA Group’s share in domestic and foreign markets, meet the expectations of major customers, and play a more effective national role.

The Power Plant Development subcategory comprises five subsidiaries including MAPNA Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-1), MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction & Development (MD-2), and MAPNA Special Projects Construction & Development Company (MD-3). 

Meanwhile, Power Plant Services and Power Plant Ownership subcategories consist of three and 20 MAPNA subsidiaries respectively. 

The new section remains responsible for businesses related to water.  Back in September, MAPNA Group also merged a number of transportation subsidiaries to establish MAPNA Mobility

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