MAPNA Group Wins International Award for Its Roadmap Project

MAPNA Group has been recognized in the 2023 edition of the Constantinus International Award.

The conglomerate received an award for the “MAPNA Group Products and Services Roadmap Project”.
The roadmap was devised by MIR Management Consultancy (Member of Monenco Group) with the cooperation of other divisions and subsidiary companies of the conglomerate.
The project entailed devising a roadmap for 33 subsidiary companies of MAPNA Group in distinct business categories of power, services, rail transport, oil & gas, and electrification.
The project was nominated for the Constantinus International Award after it was recognized as one of the top three national projects.
The Constantinus International Award is a prestigious award that recognizes excellence in management consulting and IT services. It is organized by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), which is the global association of national management consulting institutes. The award aims to promote the quality and innovation of the consulting sector, as well as to showcase successful projects that have created value for clients and society.
The award is open to consultants from all over the world who have completed outstanding projects in any field or industry. The projects are evaluated by an international jury of experts based on criteria such as client satisfaction, complexity, innovation, impact, and sustainability.

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