MAPNA-Developed EV Charger Installed at Mizban Hotel in N Iran

MAPNA Group has installed an EV charging station at Mizban Hotel in Balolsar, the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.

Esteemed provincial officials, alongside MAPNA Group executives, were present for the inauguration ceremony that was held on October 12, 2023.
The 60 kW DC charger complies with both GB/T and CHAdeMO standards, making it suitable for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese electric and hybrid cars. The charging station has a unique design inspired by the anthurium flower.
Notably, these chargers possess unique features such as supporting various connectors and an average charging time ranging from 20 to 45 minutes. Additionally, the charger is equipped with RFID authentication and an exclusive application for users.
Mohammad Hossein Refan, CEO of MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Company (MECO), addressed the inauguration event, noting that environmental and economic issues are the main driving forces behind the world’s move toward using electric vehicles.
“If all cars run on electricity, it will help control and decrease fuel consumption. Maintaining electric cars is easy and affordable and they can be recharged,” he said.
“To encourage widespread use of electric cars, we need to have proper infrastructure in place,” he stressed.
“At MAPNA Group, we have developed various charging options up to 600 kW and have set up multiple charging stations in Tehran that are already operational,” he said, referring partly to 15 stations that were opened in the Iranian capital in late August with the cooperation of Tehran Municipality.
He hoped that more municipalities across Iran would take the necessary steps to host EV charging stations.
Several officials from Babolsar also addressed the event, praising the efforts of MAPNA Group and voicing readiness for increased cooperation with the conglomerate in the area of EV chargers.
EVs are becoming more popular globally, but they are still relatively new to the Iranian market. Like in other parts of the world, there are several challenges to the growth of the EV market in Iran, including the need for diverse technological developments in power equipment, electric motors, control systems, and batteries. However, one of the biggest concerns is the development of the necessary infrastructure for recharging these vehicles. To address this issue, MAPNA Group has undertaken a mission that involves producing EV conversion kits and building electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs). MAPNA launched Iran’s first EV charging station back in May 2019 in the capital Tehran.

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