Iraqi Electricity Minister Visits MAPNA Group Factories

Iraq’s Minister of Electricity Adel Karim visited MAPNA Group in Tehran on Monday, September 27, 2021.

Iraq’s Minister of Electricity Adel Karim visited MAPNA Group in Tehran on Monday, September 27, 2021.

Heading a high-ranking delegation, including the Iraqi prime minister’s advisor, Rashid Ali, Karim met with MAPNA Group’s senior managers to discuss issues of mutual interest.

The Iraqi minister and his accompanying delegation then toured the factories of MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TUGA) and MAPNA Generator and Wind Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARS).

They were briefed on the companies’ capabilities in the expansion of the power industry infrastructure.

During the visit, Karim said his country’s electricity sector attaches great importance to its collaboration with MAPNA Group “as a reputable company at the international level” and eyes a stronger cooperation with the Iranian enterprise.

He referred to MAPNA Group’s considerable capacities in the power sector and expressed hope that the two sides can reach fruitful agreements on the construction and implementation of power plants, as well as related services, including establishment of workshops in Iraq.

MAPNA Group has played an active role in the development of Iraq’s power plants since the mid-2000s. the conglomerate participated in the construction of Al-Sadr 324-MW Power Plant in Baghdad and Al-Haidariya 162-MW Power Plant in Najaf.

MAPNA Group is responsible for the design, procurement, transportation, installation, and commissioning of the 3000-MW Rumaila Power Plant, which is currently under construction at the outskirts of Basra in southern Iraq.

The Al-Sadr megaproject’s first phase, which includes six gas-fueled units that run on MAPNA’s MAP2B turbines with an aggregate capacity of 1098MW, has been completed.

The next phases of the project are currently underway, and include six similar gas-fueled units and six steam units;

Once completed, the 2-million-Euro project will transform Al-Sadr into a combined-cycle power plant.

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