Neyr Perse Achieves Milestone in Vapor Recovery Unit Development with Local Expertise

Neyr Perse, an oil and gas subsidiary of MAPNA Group, has successfully completed the pre-commissioning phase of the Arak Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) project, using local experts and indigenous knowledge.

The company is a pioneer in the KEHAB initiative, which aims to reduce, redirect, transfer, and recycle gasoline vapor, preventing gasoline loss and environmental damage across the country.

The initiative also seeks to protect the environment, reduce air pollution, and foster sustainable development by minimizing the emission of hydrocarbon vapors.

In partnership with MAPNA and as part of its corporate social responsibility, Neyr Perse has implemented the VRU gasoline vapor recycling project in oil depots located in Arak, Tabriz, Mashhad, and Ahvaz.

As a result of this project, 30 thousand liters of gasoline are reclaimed from hydrocarbon vapors every day, enhancing the sustainability of the consumption cycle.

The cities of Mashhad, Tabriz, and Ahvaz had previously completed carbon recovery phases under the guidance of foreign experts. Neyr Perse, however, adopted a different approach, relying on internal experts and local knowledge to prepare the Arak VRU unit for a performance test to evaluate its efficiency. The Arak VRU project has now reached a 95% physical completion rate, demonstrating the company’s dedication to environmental conservation and effective hydrocarbon management.

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