2.5-MW Wind Turbine

2.5-MW Wind Turbine

The Mapna Group’s power equipment provision unit has started to produce wind turbines. Because of their potential to produce clean electricity in some windy spots, wind turbines are considered important equipment for electric power generation. The Mapna Group has succeeded in transferring the technology of, designing and producing 2.5 MW wind turbines by engineering and constructing turbine blade and spare part production units and supplying them with raw material and necessary equipment. The actions conducted in this field include:


  • providing the equipment required for manufacturing blades including molds and tools;
  • constructing a turbine blade production unit of 8,400 square meters in June 2014 inaugurated by the Mapna Group’s board of managers;
  • constructing molding, trimming and coloring units; and,
  • installing and operating blade production equipment including primary and secondary molds and resin and glue mixing machines, as well as providing raw materials.


Wind turbines require advanced technology for their huge size and wind-resistant configuration. Also, the technology of the materials used in the production of these turbines is very complicated, especially in the blade section.

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