MGT-75 gas turbine

MGT-75 gas turbine

MGT-75 is the latest gas turbine designed and manufactured by MAPNA Group.  Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, the MGT-75 is engineered to provide customers with high efficiency, low emission, and high operational flexibility.

The advanced F-class gas turbine offers a 222MW and 330MW electricity generation capacity, respectively in simple-cycle and combined-cycle power plants, and can compete with similar global products.   The MGT-75 also boosts the efficiency rate of single- and combined-cycle power plants to over 39.1% and 59%, respectively.   The turbine also consumes less gas and is more eco-friendly while tripling the efficiency of older power plants.  Besides gas, the advanced turbine can run on hydrogen -a zero carbon fuel- along main fuels (natural gas or diesel). substantially reducing the power plant’s emissions, substantially reducing the power plant’s emissions.

With the ability to burn a large variety of fuels and fuel gas compositions including H2/NG mixtures, in line with the latest global environmental trends, the MGT-75 gas turbine contributes to green power generation. Power plants equipped with MGT-75 turbines are constantly monitored via an IoT-based platform called “MAPNA Mind”. The MGT-75 can be built in the 190-220MW power range while maintaining the same productivity to meet the needs of customers.

All these features, along with other state-of-the-art products and services, will ultimately aid MAPNA in fulfilling its environmental and social responsibilities.

MGT-75 turbines can replace older turbines operating across Iran, thus providing electricity with less environmental impact to industries and citizens.

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