map30 freight locomotive

map30 freight locomotive

Economically speaking, a high-capacity cargo locomotive is more cost-effective than one or more low-capacity locomotives that carry the same load. This technical advantage increases the need of the country’s railway operators for high-capacity freight locomotives. MLC began designing and manufacturing 4,000-HP cargo locomotives after creating and rolling out 3,000-HP cargo and passenger locomotives. The company began constructing MAP30, a 4000-horsepower freight locomotive, with the majority of the parts and components manufactured inside Iran, following an agreement with the national railway operator.

The MAP30 has a larger freight capacity than the MAP24 since it includes an AC auxiliary generator and a powerful tractive power. The new locomotive is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. MLC’s competitiveness in home and international markets will be boosted, and the country’s railway fleet will be strengthened, thanks to the development of MAP30 diesel-electric locomotives.

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