map24 freight locomotive

map24 freight locomotive

The MAP24 Locomotive, unveiled in 2016, is a 3,000-horsepower diesel-electric locomotive designed for freight transportation. The MAP24 locomotive has a 3300-hp engine; 78% of the locomotive’s parts are designed and produced by Iranian experts and are comparable to imported locomotives in terms of quality. The maintenance and repair of the locomotives are also carried out by domestic experts, reducing dependance on foreign force, hence decreasing costs. Since locomotives are among expensive machineries, such capabilities in production and maintenance provide more privilege to domestic companies active in the rail industry.

Another distinguishing feature of MAP24 compared with similar models is the open space design of its operator cabin which provides comfort and convenience for the operator and other crew.

So far, a total of 20 MAP24 locomotives have entered the country’s railroads, of which 10 have been delivered to private companies. Five other MAP24 locomotives are currently being produced. MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MLC) has signed a contract with MAPNA Multimodal Transportation Company for the construction of another 35 MAP24 locomotives, which will be delivered according to the schedule.

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