mapnatl tunnel locomotive

mapnatl tunnel locomotive

Aware of the demand in underground rail construction industry, MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing tunnel locomotives, dubbed MAPNATL. Tunnel locomotive is a type of locomotive used in construction of subway tunnels to transport equipment, raw material, muck, concrete segments and personnel. Compared to conventional rail lines which have a slope of 30 per thousand, tunnel tracks have a slope of 55 per thousand. Thus, traction and brake power of the locomotive are of utmost importance. Moreover, space limitations inside the tunnel necessitate use of locomotives with compact dimensions that could move through the rail track with convenience. All the design, optimization, testing and operation processes of MAPNATL locomotives have been carried out by MLC’s engineering team. These locomotives are designed and produced in two versions of hydrodynamic and hydrostatic power transmission system. Also, the control system of MAPNATL has been patented under the MAPNA brand. These locomotives can also be used for construction of water tunnels.

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