med-tvc desalination

med-tvc desalination

One of the most extensively utilized thermal water desalination systems in the world is the MED (multi effect desalination) system. In this approach, saline water is sprayed on a series of tubes through which hot steam is passing. In fact, these tubes serve as a heat exchanger. Steam condenses inside the tubes and evaporates a portion of the saline coating outside the tubes when heat is transferred through the tube walls. The vapor that emerges on the tubes’ outsides loses its salt and travels on to the next stage of the process. Before condensing into fresh water, the steam heats the tubes of the next cycle.

The design, procurement, and installation of MED-TVC desalination machines has been assigned to Sepahan MAPNA Engineering and Equipment Manufacturing Company. Since MED systems are widely used in power and water cogeneration plants, as well as the refining and petrochemical industries, this system can be offered on a large or small scale, depending on the needs of each water and electricity project, alongside other MAPNA products such as turbines, gas generators, recovery boilers, and steam generator turbines.


The following are some of the MED and MED-TVC systems’ benefits:

  • Low electricity consumption
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Less sensitivity to input water analysis
  • No need for additional filtration or pre-treatment of input water
  • High quality of produced water, particularly in meeting the needs of industries that require high-purity water.
  • Longevity of equipment
  • High system reliability and accessibility
  • Possibility of utilizing extra thermal energy

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