Parand Power Plant

Project Specifications

The 942-MW Parand Power Plant is comprised of six V94.2 version gas turbine units from Ansaldo Company (Ansaldo Energia Company of Italy). The power plant has been erected on an area of 100 hectares of land in southwest Tehran, 30 km from Tehran-Saveh Highway.

Construction operations of the power plant started in 2004 by MAPNA Company and its six gas units were commissioned within three years, each with a capacity of 157 MW.

Parand Power Plant was ceded to MAPNA Company on 9 October 2011 through the barter exchange of TAVANIR Company’s debts and MAPNA Company’s claims.

Afterwards, MAPNA Parand Power Generation Company (Private Joint Stock) was established and went on stream on 27 August 2012 in order to manage commissioning of the power plant.

Among the responsibilities defined for this company, it should conclude contracts on electricity supply with Iran Grid Management Company, ink other necessary contracts, announce on a daily basis the price of the electricity produced by the power plant to the electricity market, supervise over commissioning, maintenance and delivery of the energy produced at the plant to electricity buyers.

Parand is the first MAPNA power plant that sells its electricity output within the framework of electricity sale contracts at the market. For the same reason Parand and Sanandaj combined cycle power plants are basically different from other MAPNA power stations which have energy conversion contract.

The major difference in sale of electricity through energy conversion contract in Iranian electricity market is due to the fluctuations of the proposed price for each kW of energy output in 24 hours; and taking into consideration the needs of the network and production of the adjacent plants, the pricing steps are planned in a way that would bring in the highest revenue to the company.

In the meantime, in this kind of contracts the expenses related to the fuel of power plant are borne by the company and it is necessary to take this factor into consideration when codifying pricing strategies.

Parand is also the first power plant in the country which has been registered in the energy stock exchange and is selling part of its electricity output within the framework of futures transactions of the energy stock exchange.

Iran Power Development Company (IPDC) is the client of Parand Power Plant Project, Ghods Niroo Consulting Engineers Company is the client consultant and MAPNA Power Plant Construction and Development Company (MD-1) is its main contractor.

The power plant station has a capacity of 230 kV and its engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) affairs are within the responsibilities of the client. The fuel needed by the power station is gas and gasoil: gas is the main fuel and gasoil is the substitute fuel.

At present all the six units of the power plant have been synchronized according to the following timetable and put into operation.

Also with respect to the significance of Parand Power Plant’s location and the important role it plays in the power network of Tehran Province, the feasibility studies of a combined cycle for the plant have been put on the agenda. Development of the steam section of the power plant is expected to be implemented as of mid-1392 (21 March 2013 – 20 March 2014). 

UnitSynchronization Time    Beginning of Trial Run    End of Trial Run 
G1122:30    20/4/2006    13/6/2006    12/7/2006
G1218:21    29/6/2006    15/7/2007    19/8/2006
G1322:22    4/7/2006    19/7/2006    17/8/2006
G1409:26    30/8/2006    26/10/2006    26/11/2006
G1523:58    30/10/2006    9/12/2006    15/1/2007
G1623:58    28/2/2007    14/4/2007    14/5/2007 

MAPNA Parand Power Generation Company Shareholders Makeup

MAPNA Company:  99.8%

MAPNA Tous Power Generation Company:  0.1%

MAPNA Assaluyeh Power Generation Company: 0.1%

Project: Parand Power Plant

Contract Type: EP

Location: Beginning of Tehran-Saveh Freeway

Client: MAPNA Parand Power Generation Company

Project Type: Engineering & Construction

Capacity: 942 MW

Units Configuration: 157 x 6

Status: Commissioned


Project Image

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