MAPNA Completes 7th Well of Shurijeh Gas Reservoir in Record Speed

MAPNA Drilling Company, a subsidiary of MAPNA Group, announced that it has finished wells numbered 86 and 87 in the national gas storage and production project of Shourijeh D reservoir, bringing the total completed wells to seven.

By speeding up drilling in wells 86 and 87 and beating the planned schedule, the company set a new record for the entire project (including phases 1 and 2) with well 87 only taking only 85 days.

The company said it has made improvements in the project’s underground section and other sections, crediting its skilled team and dedication to teamwork for achieving this milestone.

MAPNA Drilling Company says it is committed to continuous improvement and keeping stakeholders satisfied in this significant national project, located in Khangiran Field, Khorasan Razavi Province.

The MAPNA subsidiary is now gearing up to finish the eighth well, expecting it to be ready for operation within the next month.

The project’s client is Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company (IGEDC) and led by a consortium headed by Neyr Perse Company, another subsidiary of MAPNA Group.

MAPNA Drilling Company has provided most of the drilling services for the project with the highest quality. The services include those related to cementing, well stimulation, coiled tubing, casing drift, mud lugging, and well testing. The company has used its technical expertise and experience to overcome the challenges and complexities of the project. Due to the need to supply gas in the north and northeast of the country in the cold seasons of the year and the estimated sharp decline in production in the Mozdouran reservoir by 2025, the Iranian Oil Ministry instructed the development of storage facilities of Shurijeh Reservoir D, which is the main feedstock supplier of Khangiran Refinery in Sarakhs Region of Khorasan Razavi Province.

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