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Reliable public transportation, such as buses, can make a significant contribution to reducing traffic and hence carbon emissions. To attain this goal, MAPNA Group has taken steps to create electric buses. In this regard, the Group has inked an agreement with the Municipality of Mashhad for the electrification of the city’s transportation system in the northeastern part of the country. Accordingly, MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Company (MECO) is tasked with electrification of one diesel bus unit, conducting feasibility studies for electrification of the city’s BRT (bus rapid transit) system, and construction of three electric vehicle charging stations.

Moreover, MAPNA has joined hands with Oghab Afshan Industrial and Manufacturing Company – the producer of Scania buses in Iran – to accelerate the production of e-powered buses inside Iran.

The two sides established a joint venture called Parsan Electric Bus Production Company in September 2020. The JV has delivered the first two units of its electric bus dubbed “Shetab” to the municipalities of Mashhad and Tehran. The prototypes are passing test drives, awaiting the mass production by Parsan.

The monocoque design of the body and chassis structure distinguishes Shetab electric bus from typical models. The low-deck bus has no steps and is built on a product lifecycle management platform (PLM), which allows several firms to work simultaneously on all technical processes, including detailed and master design, engineering, manufacturing, and project management.

Shetab is a smart vehicle with data center connectivity, energy recovery, quick charging, and a cutting-edge display system. The vehicle’s cooling system was created with Iran’s climate in mind.

The bus can travel 250 kilometers without HVAC system, and 200 kilometers while using the HVAC.

Shetab electric buses will be offered in a number of packages, each with a different battery capacity to fit the needs of each route. The bus is equipped with a high-speed pantograph charging system, and can be charged by AC plugs. The vehicle’s batteries can be fully charged in only 25 minutes with MAPNA’s own 600-kilowatt pantograph.

Over 60% of the Shetab electric bus is designed and manufactured domestically. MAPNA intends to achieve 100% indigenization by investing in parallel battery and engine development projects.

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