MAP24 Locomotive Powers 1st Freight Train into Afghanistan for Completing Key Railway

The first freight train carrying the required equipment for developing a joint railway entered Afghanistan on May 8 with MAPNA-developed MAP24 locomotive powering the train. The train entered Rozanak station in the country while carrying 655 tons of railway equipment and facilities for developing Khaf-Herat railway project. Seyed Morteza Ali Ahmadi, the CEO of MAPNA …

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Railway Solutions

Railway Transportation Solutions Knowledge-based infrastructure is required for the country’s industrial development. Strengthening these infrastructures, which are based on current technology, can provide answers to many of the concerns that industrialists face, as well as solutions to industrial problems that affect people’s lives. Localization is one of the key solutions to address such challenges. Localization …

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Railway Division Services

MAPNA Railway Division Services After Sales Services Because of the sensitivity and heavy loading of the equipment, after-sales services are extremely important in the railway industry. As a result, consulting, training, and engineering assistance, as well as ongoing long-term services such as maintenance and repair, and also the provision and sale of spare parts, are …

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گروه مپنا صنعت حمل و نقل گروه مپنا از سال 1387 با هدف توسعه زیرساخت‌ها و بومی‌سازی صنعت ریلی ایران با سرمایه‌گذاری‌های کلان به حیطه حمل و نقل ریلی وارد شد. مپنا به منظور مقابله با آلودگی هوا و بهبود محیط زیست، توسعه حمل و نقل برقی در کشور را مد نظر قرار داده و …

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