MAPNA Launches Power Plant Monitoring and Simulator Center

MAPNA Group has launched its homebuilt simulator for monitoring and construction of combined-cycle power plants.

The simulator, which features MGT-70 gas turbine and E-type steam turbines, as well as other cutting-edge technologies needed to build combined cycle blocks, officially began operation on March 29, 2022.

The simulator has been designed and developed by MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing (MECO) and MAPNA Operation & Maintenance Company (O&M).

The new system has been installed at the conglomerate’s training center, situated in the outskirts of Karaj, Alborz Province, and is now ready to be commissioned.

Experts and trainees can view and simulate changes in important power plant equipment at all stages of commissioning, operation and operational maneuvers in offline mode.

The simulator has been developed in a bid to expand specialized and practical training to meet the demands of MAPNA clients.

MAPNA O&M specializes in commissioning, operation, maintenance and performance testing of power plants, as well as technology development and localization, and implementation of software systems especially in IPP projects.

MECO, which focuses on conglomerate’s electrification plans, also boasts experience, knowledge, and capability in implementation of electric and control systems for rotating machinery, including turbogenerators, turbocompressors, integrated process control system in oil & gas plants and other industries, and dispatching and metering systems.

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