Products & Markets

Investment in MAPNA Products & Markets Mission of MAPNA Group’s Investment Division Execution of power, oil & gas, and rail transportation projects under B.O.O, B.O.T, buyback and other Active Investor schemes to sell MAPNA Group’s products and services. Products 1. MAPNA generates 13% of Iran’s total power under the following types of contract: Power purchase …

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Investment in Railroad and Oil & Gas

Investment in MAPNA Investment in Railroad and Oil & Gas PROCUREMENT AND RENTAL OF 150 FREIGHT In 2010, Islamic Republic of Iran’s Railways commissioned procurement and rental of 150 freight locomotives. MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Co. along with its foreign partners are the main contractors of the project. Advantages of the Project Establishing the …

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International investment Projects

Investment in MAPNA International investment Projects Selection of target countries for investment in power plant projects hinges upon various factors including rules and incentive packages, fuel provision (by the target country), tariffs and power sale mechanisms, investment risk, and other effective investment-related factors. The two key objectives sought in power investment projects are sustainability in …

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Partnership in Investment

Investment in MAPNA Partnership in Investment The promising prospect of Iran’s economy has opened new horizons for various industrial and economic sectors. Expected economic boom will trigger a rise in demand for energy. Along with this trend, privatization of the power industry in different sectors including generation, transmission, and distribution will continue, providing opportunities for …

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Investment in New Businesses

Investment in MAPNA Investment in New Businesses In recent years, MAPNA Group has placed massive emphasis on expansion of its activities into new businesses in order to keep up the growth rate of the company. To achieve long-term objectives, including diversification of activities, investment in new fields is deemed as the first step. A number …

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Investment in MAPNA​

MAPNA Group INVESTMENT IN MAPNA In today’s world, close competition for higher levels of development is elemental to social and economic planning. Economic development is achieved through defining projects for energy, transportation and other sectors, where the issue of investments and financial resources come to surface as crucial playing factors. With the expanding scope of …

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MAPNA Renewable Energies Generation Company and the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA) signed a contract on Saturday, January 23, 2016 for a purchase of Kahak Wind Farm power. The agreement to buy power generated in phase two of the wind farm will run for twenty years.

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